Two Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky for The First Time – Reaction Has Internet Dying of Laughter

How many of you reading this can imagine your grandmas doing shots of whiskey at the bar on a Friday night? Well, I’m going to assume that not a lot of you can draw that picture in your head without at least smiling or raising an eyebrow.
However, YouTube channel Obsev thought it would be a great idea to call over a few grandmas and ask them to try Fireball whiskey for the first time to capture their reactions on video. The result is a viral video who is bound to make you smile, and maybe realize that you may know a lot less about your grandparents than you thought.
These grandmothers weren’t afraid to admit that they had their fair share of alcohol back in the day and that don’t say know to a nice glass of wine not even now. But even so, some of these ladies weren’t ready for the spicy cinnamon-like taste of Fireball.
Watch what happens when they start to taste the alcohol and feel that pretty weird, tingly sensation on their tongues, and don’t forget to share this fun clip with other who might enjoy watching it as well.

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