Contestant Sings Streisand Classic, Judges Go Crazy And 1 Of Them Leaves Simon Utterly Embarrassed

After more than ten seasons of Britain’s Got Talent, one would think that there is nothing that can surprise the judges anymore, right? Well, as this video below clearly shows, there will always be a contestant who will do something so surprising that they leave the judges speechless.
Sue Moretta was that one contestant from the 2017 Britain’s Got Talent season to do that. Her performance was the last audition of the season, so she knew that she really needed to step up her act if she were to have any chance of making it into the live shows.
So she decided to try something out of the box and really give the judges a reason to remember her. After working her way through the audience while singing a rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” Sue focused her attention on the judges and did her best to get them involved on the act.
Considering that three out of the four judges sitting at the table responded by jumping on the table and dancing provocatively, I think it’s safe to say she reached her goal. One of the judges even dropped his pants, leaving Simon Cowell “utterly traumatized.” Take a look:

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