This father is waiting outside delivery room. When the door opens he is greeted to cutest puppies ever

The Electrabel commercial is a heartwarming story about the importance of electricity in our lives. The commercial begins with a man waiting expectantly outside the operating room in a hospital. He is the father of a newborn baby, and he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his child.

However, when the delivery room door opens, the nurse is not holding a baby. Instead, she is holding a large bundle of fur. The man is surprised, but he is also overjoyed. He has just become the father of a new puppy!

The commercial then goes on to show how the man and his puppy use electricity to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. The puppy uses an electric toothbrush to keep his teeth clean, and he uses an electric dryer to dry his fur after a bath. The man uses electricity to cook his puppy’s meals, and he uses electricity to power his puppy’s toys.

The commercial ends with the man and his puppy playing together in the park. They are both happy and content, and they are both grateful for the power of electricity.

The commercial is a reminder that electricity is not just about convenience. It is also about the power of love. The man and his puppy are a perfect example of how electricity can bring people together and make their lives better.

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