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Rare and elusive Amazon animal caught on camera by accident

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Woman was taking out the trash when made a heartbreaking discovery inside a backpack

This woman in Alberta, Canada was taking out her trash when spotted something very unusual inside the garbage can. Jennifer has seen something was...

These magical bright green bees look completely out of this world

Mother Nature is undoubtedly a constant source of mesmerising things and its breathtaking beauties never cease to amaze. Such an astonishing sight had recently...

Dog sends everyone into laughter when asked to ‘play dead’ on TV show

Dogs frequently manage to bright up our days. It is in their nature to be lovely and funny, both at the same time. But...

Bold goat sneaks into cop car and eats officer’s paperwork

As a cop you'd expect to face all sort of challenging situation, yet no one would ever expect anything like this. A deputy from...