Homeless Dog Who Kept Making Terrible Impression at Shelter Gets Second Chance

Hazey, a shelter dog who had been waiting for a home for nearly a year, finally found her happy ending thanks to a dedicated foster parent.

Hazey was adopted as a puppy, but five years later she turned up as a stray and was picked up by DeKalb Animal Services. She was overlooked for adoption again and again, due to an unintentionally unflattering adoption photo and her “terrible kennel presence.”

The shelter staff and Hazey were growing anxious that she would never find a home. That’s when LifeLine Animal Project stepped in to help. One of their foster caregivers decided to take Hazey out to the lake for a day. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Hazey, giving her a chance at being adopted.

The foster caregiver took Hazey to the lake, where she played fetch and swam in the water. Hazey had so much fun that she started to blossom. She became more confident and outgoing, and her foster caregiver was able to take some better adoption photos of her.

With the help of her foster caregiver, Hazey was finally adopted by a loving family. She is now living her best life, playing in the backyard and going on walks with her new family.

Hazey’s story is a reminder that even the most overlooked dogs can find their happily ever after. With a little love and patience, any dog can find a loving home.

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