Toddler Gets Interviewed After Twins Born, Her Answers Have Internet in Laughter

Many toddlers look forwards towards the day when they will get a sibling to play and have fun with. But while being an older sibling does come with many perks, there is no denying the fact that it’s also a pretty big responsibility that does involve some drawbacks as well.
The fact that they suddenly have to share their parents’ attention, their toys and their treats with another tiny human being can make toddlers feel quite uncomfortable. Well, for the adorable 1-year-old in the video below, the challenges are twice as big.
That’s because her parents welcomed not one but two babies at once. And although the little girl is still getting used with the idea that she will have to share her parents’ attention with twins, she is slowly warming up to them and accepting them as legitimate members of the family.
Still, there are still a few things she needs clarified so that she can truly open up her heart to them, which is why her parents have decided to have her sit down for a family interview. The hilarious result is going viral online – and you’ll see why once you take a look at this clip.

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