Sisters Sing Happy Birthday To Daddy, But Watch Baby On Right When He Blows Out Candles

Birthdays are a lot of fun no matter how old you are – as long as there’s cake and presents, of course. However, when you are a kid, birthday parties are pretty much the highlights of your social life, and blowing out the candles is that one moment you look forward to all year long.

So when it was dad’s birthday and it was time for him to blow out the candles, all of the six baby sisters gathered around him to sing him “Happy Birthday” and help him put out the candles. With mom taking video of the whole thing and everyone gathered around the table, it seemed like a moment everyone will remember for many years to come.

In all fairness, this is a moment no one will be able to forget anytime soon, but it’s not for the reasons you may think. I don’t want to give out the surprise, but let’s just say that the girls’ reactions weren’t nowhere close to what their parents were expecting. One of the little girls in particular did something that will surely make you laugh out loud.

This is not something you’ll want to miss, so go ahead and check out the video.

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