All Eyes Lock Onto 7-Year-Old On Stage. In No Time Haunting Performance Silences The Room

Whenever I would draw a painting when I was little, my parents would say how talented they thought I was. It only takes one second to look at my drawings back then to realize they were of course lying to make me feel good. Well, in all fairness, only a very small percentage of kids have an innate talent for the arts.

The incredible 7-year-old in the video below is amongst that percentage. Brianna Kahane began showcasing an interest for music at an age when most kids barely learn to walk properly. She was only three years old when her parents took her to her first violin lesson, and just three years late, the girl was already performing for large audiences in concerts.

Her love for this instrument has only grown bigger over the years, and so has her talent. Nowadays, Brianna is considered to be one of the most promising young violin players in the world. Once you’ll take a look at her brilliant performance captured in the video below, it will become obvious to you that her potential is truly great.
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