Mommy Lays Twins Side by Side On Bed, Keep Your Eye On the Baby Girl On the Right

There is no denying the fact that twin babies share a special connection from the get-go. The bond between twins is so unique that no words can come near to properly describe it. The babies are connected at so many different levels and it’s almost like they have their own language which they use to communicate amongst each other.
But being a twin can also be a bit frustrating at times – and a little confusing, especially when you’re a baby with little knowledge about the strange world you’ve just entered. Still, for the adorable babies in the video below, being a twin means you never get bored.
A single look from their sibling is enough to crack them up, and the interaction between them is always fun to watch. Luckily, the babies’ mom managed to capture a moment of them two having fun and laughing together on video, and the result is going viral.
It must be nice to have someone who can always make you laugh and put you in a good mood, right? This is the kind of clip you’ll want others to see as well, so take a look and don’t forget to hit that share button!

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