The 1 Reason Why Police Are Warning Women to Carry a Carabiner On Their Purse

It’s the holiday season, and that probably means you’re going to be hitting the mall and other crowded places more often than usual. And busy places with lots of distracted people carrying money with them is exactly what thieves are looking for during this time of the year.
It can only take a skilled thief a few seconds to snatch your purse from right under your nose. Now, many women who carry purses might be tempted to wear their purses diagonally around the body or loop the strap around the wrist to prevent the purse from being easily snatched.
But this is not the best way as it can lead to injury and doesn’t ensure the thief won’t be able to get away with your belongings. A quick tip you can use to secure your purse while you are out shopping or even at a restaurant is to use a carabiner to clip the purse to the shopping cart or chair, as demonstrated in the video below.
Because the carabiner is so small, it is almost impossible to notice, but in case someone will try to take the purse away from you, they will find it much harder to do so. While it’s not fool-proof, it is definitely a deterrent.

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