95-Year-Old Veteran Calls 911 Because of Sweltering Heat – Cops Walk Inside and Can’t Just Leave

The main job of a police officer is to protect the citizens they are serving and make sure that those who do illegal things are brought to justice. But as the story presented in the video below clearly shows, that is not all that police officers do.
An act of kindness by two considerate police officers from Dallas has been going viral, and it’s all for the right reasons. It all started after the two officers were called at a 95-year-old’s home. The men were responding to a report that was made saying that the air conditioner at the former’s war veteran’s home has stopped working and that the elderly man was struggling to cope with the sweltering heat.
When they arrived at the man’s house, there were already more than 80 degrees outside, so the two kind police officers decided to take matters into their own hands and buy the man a new air conditioner using their own money.
With all the negative news in the media right now, it’s important to also share positive stories like these to remind ourselves that the true nature of the human spirit is one of love and kindness.

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