Judges doubted she could sing this Dream girls song, but she forces Simon to hit golden buzzer

In this day and age, having talent is not enough. Being successful as a singer takes years and years of practice and hard work, but the talented lady in the video below is definitely off to a good start.
Sara Ikumu was only 15-year-old when she auditioned for a place in the competition at Britain’s Got Talent. When she got up on stage, she was visibly nervous yet excited to share her talent and passion with others and hopefully start her journey to stardom.
Despite her young age, Sara decided to sing a song that even professional singers who have years of experience have a hard time perfecting.
‘And I’m Telling You,’ a song you may recognize from the movie Dream Girls starring Beyoncé Knowles, is a difficult choice for any performer, let alone someone who is just starting out their career as a singer.
Still, Sara told Simon Cowell that she thinks the song is the best option for her because it allows her to show her vocal ability the best. And she was right!
Sara definitely rise up to expectations and managed to leave the entire audience in awe. This is a performance you’ll want to watch over and over again.

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