14-year-old sings Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Judges instantly label him a superstar

Is it just me or do singers nowadays start their careers earlier than ever? To many, fourteen seems pretty soon for a boy to start his career and appear in front of large audiences, but if you’ll take a look at the video below, you’ll come to understand that some people are just meant to be on stage and entertain others with their talent and charisma.
Jack Vidgen might be young, but he has already proven he has many of the qualities of a great singer.
For starters, man, he can sing! His voice is definitely memorable and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Also, Jack has the power to connect with his audience and convey the emotion of the song he is performing.
The only problem Jack has had so far is singing in public. You see, the boy has always struggled with stage fright, and every time he would have to sing in front of a large group of people, he would get nervous, which stopped him from giving 100% on stage.
So Jack decided to face his biggest fear and auditioned for a major talent show. His performance will blow you away!

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