Man’s trying to shovel snow. Now watch his dog hilariously try to help him

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know that canines always like to help out and get involved in whatever their owner is doing. It’s one of their many ways of showing their love and loyalty. But sometimes, their good intentions don’t always lead up to good results.
What is happening in the video below is a fine example that proves it. The clip starts with a man shoveling the snow in front of his home. It’s something he does pretty much every single morning during the winter.
If you’ve ever shoveled snow, chances are you know it’s not the most enjoyable thing you can do, particularly in the morning. Generally speaking, any type of help is much welcomed. That help usually comes from family members or friendly neighbors, but sometimes, pets jump in to help as well.
The hilarious compilation below shows a bunch of helpful pups helping their owners shovel the snow. It’s not uncommon for canine pets to want to help out their owners, but as mentioned in the beginning of this post, the result is not always the best one.
Still, they get points for trying, right? Take a look:

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