Man Follows SUV Down Busy Highway. Captured Dash Cam Footage Seconds In Goes Viral

When most of us clean our cars from snow in the morning, we mainly focus on the windshield and the car’s windows, but many of us fail to clear the snow from the top of our vehicles, and this is something that could put other, innocent drivers in traffic at serious risk.
Just ask the young man in the video below. Jeff Cote was commuting to work on a busy highway when a large sheet of ice flew off the car in front of him and shattered his windshield. The entire moment was captured by the dashcam which Jeff had installed for protection in case he would ever get involved in an accident cause by someone else.
Unfortunately, the dashcam didn’t capture the other driver’s license plate, but Jeff is grateful that he wasn’t injured in the incident. And now that the snow season has arrived, Jeff wants to send an important message to all drivers out there to clean their cars thoroughly, as it could save someone’s life.
Many people might not be aware of the risks they are putting other drivers’ in by not cleaning their cars from snow, so make sure to share this story with others as well.

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