Retired Teacher’s Watching The News, Spots Familiar Face That Leaves Her In Disbelief

You always remember your kindergarten teacher. You remember the way she sounded, how she spoke and just how much fun it was to be around her pretty much every day. However, no one expects their kindergarten teacher to remember them. After all, during their careers, most teachers will meet hundreds of different students, so we can’t really blame them for not remembering everyone.
Lorly Schik started her career as a teacher in the 1940s, and since then, she has impacted the lives of many young boys and girls who had the chance to pass through her classroom. Even so, the woman who is now well into the 90s remembers many of the students she’s taught over the years.
So when she saw one of her favorite students on the evening news, she immediately recognized him. Cory, a dark-haired student, was in her next to last class before the woman retired from her career as a teacher. That was more than thirty years ago. So Lorly decided to reach out to her former student by writing a letter for him and sending it at the TV station where Cory was featured.
What happened next? Well, make sure to watch the video below to find out.

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