Little boy meets a gay couple for the very first time, has a priceless reaction

There are at least a million different things I love about children, but one quality that I admire the most is their sometimes brutal honesty. A child, especially a younger child, will speak his or her mind no matter what.
They are not afraid they are going to push the wrong buttons or be judged for what they think. They know how to express themselves and don’t overcomplicate things.
If you ask me, we could definitely stand to gain a lot by learning a thing or two from them.
Just take a look at the young boy in the video below. When asked about the topic of homosexuality, the boy manages to reduce the entire subject to the one thing that truly matters in this equation, and that is love.
Going beyond what may be considered being politically correct or what society expects, the boy understands that love should be that one thing that all relationships should have in common, no matter if that relationship is between a boy and a girl or two boys, and so on.
In these days where people are increasingly becoming more and more disconnected from one another, it’s important that we remember not to overcomplicate things. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing in our lives: love.

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