Seal finds a toy version of itself, and now it can’t stop hugging it

There’s surely no shortage of images and videos of cute animals doing adorable things, but this takes thing to a whole new level.
Images of a seal hugging a toy version of itself have surfaced online, and the Internet can’t get enough. Apparently, the seal in the images lives and performs at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district.
The images were taken by someone in the zoo staff and were later published on social media. It was also the employees who gave the toy to the seal, but never expected it to have this kind of reaction.
The seal immediately fell in love with its tinier version! Now, she takes the toy everywhere with her, and it is cuteness overload. She won’t stop hugging and snuggling with his little plushie! Now, were not exactly sure if she likes the toy because it reminds her of someone in her family, or because she merely likes its soft texture, but they surely form an adorable duo.
The zoo got to benefit from their success online as well, with more people starting to show an interest in going to the Japanese attraction where the images were taken. Take a look:

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