Homeowners Spot Deer In Backyard Trying To Show Them Something, Call Police

Animals never cease to amaze us with their incredible intuition and sociable nature, and the story in the video below only comes to emphasize these traits some animals possess.
It all started after police officer Kevin Zieschang responded to a call about a buck that was tied to a tree in someone’s backyard. The house on the property was under construction, and no one knew exactly how the poor animal ended up there.
Most likely, the buck had got tangled in a piece of rope and was unable to move properly. By the time the police officer arrived at the scene, someone had cut the buck free, but there was still rope in his antlers, making the animal extremely uncomfortable.
So the police officer removed all the rope, expecting for the deer to just run into the woods right away. Instead, the grateful deer decided to stick around some more and thank its rescuer whom it even let scratch its ears.
What’s more, the deer actually returned the next day to pay the police officer a surprise visit and caught him in the middle of an interview. You need to see this!

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