Dolphin “Steals” Boy’s Ball And Swims Away

Dolphins are known worldwide not only for their intelligence but also for their incredibly playful personalities. In fact, games play a crucial role in their training with experts, and it’s how they learn to perform all those amazing acrobatics we see them do during shows.
So basically, dolphins are all kids at heart, which only makes us love them even more
And, as it turns out, dolphins are so playful that they would play anything with anyone, anytime. In the video below, we can see an adorable dolphin playing ball with a little boy, but that’s not even the best part.
If you ask me, the best part of this video is when the dolphin decides to make the game more interesting and more exciting by stealing the ball from the little boy while making a cute high-pitched chitterling noise, as if saying “Game on!”
As you probably know, dolphins are some of the smartest mammals in the animal kingdom, and it’s always a joy to watch their incredible minds in action. So if you know someone who just needs to see this amazing display of intelligence and playfulness, go ahead and hit that Share button.

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