Grandma Sings To Baby Girl. In Seconds, Baby’s Response Has Mom Running For The Camera

You don’t have to be a child development expert to know that every infant needs a lot of love and affection to thrive. And studies have confirmed what parents and caretakers have known all along: attention, love, and cuddle time are what all babies want and need.
The amount of attention and love a child receives in the first years of life has a major impact on his or her physical, mental and emotion growth. What’s more, love and touch have been proven to help our younger ones reach their full potential later in life.
For the grandma in the video below, this all comes natural. From the second she held her baby granddaughter in her arms for the first time, an incredible bond formed. The connection between them two is more than obvious. You can see just how much love and trust exists between them by the way they look at each other.
And when grandma starts to sing to her baby granddaughter, that bond only becomes stronger and stronger. This is the kind of heartwarming video that you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family, so go ahead and hit that Share button.

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