Baby Girl Discovers Cat Flap, Internet In Laughter What She Stuffs Through It

Being a toddler is a continuous learning experience. Every day comes with new and exciting discoveries, and while you have your parents by your side to help you navigate this world, some things you just have to figure out for yourself. And that is when your creativity comes into place.
There is no denying the fact that toddlers have a unique perspective on the world, and some things they just see differently. For us adults, the floor of the room is just a floor, but when a kid looks at it, it could easily turn into lava. A towel can turn into a magic cape, and a stick into a wand that gives everyone superpowers. And in the case of the adorable baby in the video below, a cat flap can easily become a door towards a new dimension where things just magically disappear.
In this footage recorded by the home’s security surveillance system, you can see the adorable baby stuffing everything from her toys to a bottle warmer through the cat flap without remorse.
There is no way of knowing what exactly was going through the toddler’s mind as she was doing this, but it’s definitely hilarious to watch.

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