His grandma has Alzheimer’s, he writes song that Simon says he will never forget

As he was waiting backstage for his turn to come and step on the stage at Britain’s Got Talent, Harry Gardner began feeling overwhelmed with emotions. His palms were sweaty and he was understandably feeling quite nervous.
He was not only nervous because he was about to appear in front of a large audience. You see, the young man had decided to perform a special song for his audition, a song that means a lot to him. That’s because the song is about his relationship with his grandma who suffers from Alzheimer.
Harry has always shared a special connection with his grandma, and when the woman got sick, he was forced to slowly watch her drift further and further away from him. Still, Harry knows that his grandma he loves so much is somewhere in there and lives every day hoping he will get a chance to talk to her again.
Harry’s performance was filled with intimate thoughts and feelings, and the emotion he managed to convey to the audience was pure and genuine.
By the end of his performance, most of the judges were in tears. Take a look and don’t forget to share this with everyone you know.

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