After 45 years, Tim Conway shares secret behind skit that made Korman wet himself

During his incredible career than spans over more than four decades, Tim Conway helped made TV history. Whether it was through his acting or his abilities as a director and writer, Conway made millions of people from across the world forget about their worries and laugh their heads off.
One of his most memorable performances were those during his experience co-starring on the 1970s variety program The Carol Burnett Show. There are many fun memories he likes to share from those years, but this one might just be the best one yet.
During a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Tim shared a secret behind one of the funniest comedy sketches he’s ever been a part of. When asked about the famous “dentist sketch” that was a huge success when it was released, Tim said something about his co-star back then that will surely make you laugh out loud.
As it turns out, his costar couldn’t keep his giggling down and ended up doing something pretty embarrassing because he was laughing so hard. “Korman wet himself during the sketch!” said Tim.
What’s even funnier is that Tim had actually opened a Laundromat back then and used this opportunity to make a few bucks.

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