Darius Rucker Releases Christmas Hit, Has Everyone Looking At Christmas In A Brand New Way

“What do you want for Christmas?” It’s a question we get asked a lot during this time of year. Also, it’s a question we ask our loved ones because we obviously want to give them something they could use or something they really wanted but never bought for themselves.
The intention behind it is good, but we all know how holidays shopping can get, especially when it’s done last-minute. Crowded stores, stressed people, individuals fighting over who gets the last item on the shelf; all these paint a not-so-magical portrait of Christmas today.
But the worst part about it is that it distracts us all from the true meaning of the holidays and what this time of the year should be all about. It should be a time when we are kinder, more tolerant and more loving towards one another. It should be a time of union and families coming together in the name of peace and joy.
This powerful message is beautifully worked into the song in the video below. Named “What God Wants for Christmas” and performed by Darius Rucker, the song is an amazing reminder of what we should keep our hearts focused on this Christmas.

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