Super Star Sings “Silent Night” In This Empty Church, Covering All in Chills

“Silent Night” is one of those iconic Christmas songs that no matter how often you listen, you never get bored of. The song has all the ingredients of an amazing Christmas song. It has a beautiful melody, a meaningful message and it falls right in line with the mood of the season.
The only thing that could make it better is it being performed by some of the greatest singers in the world. And guess what? That’s exactly how I would describe what is going on in the video below.
In a rare display of talent. the Piano Guys, a beautiful children’s choir, and the famous Placido Domingo all came together to deliver what has to be one of the greatest renditions of “Silent Night” ever to be captured on video.
The angelic voices of the children’s choir combined with the tenor’s powerful voice and the graceful musical accords of the piano turned his rendition of “Silent Night” into a truly memorable one.
You are going to want to share this with everyone you know as soon as you are finished listening to it yourself! This is breathtaking – definitely one of my favorites this Christmas.

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