This dad pranks his daughter after she claimed to know everything

You know how most teenagers are… They pretend they know everything, and think they can outsmart their parents whenever they want. But parents still have a lot of tricks up their sleeve, and know how to use them when the moment is right.
The dad in the video below got tired of his daughter always bragging about how she knows everything and that there’s nothing he can do to surprise her, so he decided to show her wrong.
It all started when dad tried to show her a video on Reddit. The girl snapped at him and said that he is trying too hard and that she has already seen all the videos online, so there’s nothing new he can show her.
Man, was she wrong. The video the man was trying to show her was very similar to the one you are just about to see. The clip showcased the same kind of prank, but dad decided to put his daughter to the test and find out if she had actually seen it.
Well, as it turns out the girl hasn’t watched every single video on the Internet. She fell for one of the oldest pranks in the book, and it was all caught on video.

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