Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

Talent shows provide a great opportunity for kids to showcase their personalities and do something fun alongside their friends and colleagues. It’s also a chance for them to entertain their family members and show them an unexpected side of themselves.
And the four boys in the video below surely made the most out of this opportunity to appear in front of an audience, and made everyone laugh out loud with their hilarious routine. The boys spent weeks perfecting their act, and it was all worth it in the end.
With some help from their parents, the boys managed to create four elaborate puppet-like costumes that made them look like babies wearing bibs and onesies. They got some help with the costumes, but performance-wise, they can take full credit.
Let’s just say that any one of these boys has a chance of becoming an actor if they ever wanted to– that is how expressive they were throughout their routine.
If this doesn’t make you laugh out loud, then you are not human! Make sure to spread the joy and make someone’s day just a little bit better by sharing this. Definitely one of the most hilarious clips I’ve seen in a while.

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