Young prodigy hears 101-year-old’s dream is to hear him live, so he gives her a private recital

Although he is not even old enough to go to school, the 5-year-old in the video below has been called a musical prodigy. The little boy is already winning all kinds of awards and impressing experienced professionals with his abilities to play the piano.
Ryan Wang is a child music prodigy. He first started playing instrument when he was only two years old, and the progress he’s managed to make in three short years is downright incredible. One of the boy’s biggest fans is his grandma.
The 101-year-old woman has been a firm supporter of him ever since she heard about the boy’s interest in playing the instrument. But although he’s always believed in his talent and followed the boy’s career as a pianist, the woman hasn’t actually got a chance to get the full effect of hearing to him sing.
That’s because the woman is hard of hearing. Anytime she would attend an event where Ryan performed, she couldn’t quote hear him right. So the boy decided to put on a private recital just for her, and she finally got to experience the full effect of Wang’s talent.
Make sure you have a box of tissue nearby, because this will definitely put tears in your eyes!

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