Young boy texts this picture to his mother, then she looks closer at the teacher and realizes THIS…

Wearing a pink T-shirt to school as a boy is like asking to be bullied. It’s unfortunate and it’s definitely not how things should be, but it’s the reality. Still, this brave fourth-grade student from Sheboygan Falls Elementary School in Wisconsin named William Gierke decided to risk getting bullied for his fashion choice in order to make a statement.
The boy wore a pink T-shirt to school that read “Tough Guys Wear Pink” to bring awareness about breast cancer. His decision was bold and inspiring. Still, he got bullied by many of his peers for it who would call him names. Most of his peers just didn’t care about what that color actually stands for. In fact, the bullying was so bad that the young boy was afraid to go to school the next day.
When his mom heard about the boy’s colleagues’ reaction, she was devastated and heartbroken. However, later that week, something unexpected happened. She got a message from her son that changed everything. Find out the ending to this story by watching the video below.
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