Woman Tries To Remove Toddler Off Dance Stage, Instead Her Dance Moves Quickly Steal The Show

Most of us feel uncomfortable being the center of attention, especially when there are large groups of people involved. That’s because we may feel self-conscious and intimidated by all the eyes looking at us, examining our every move.
But not everybody is like that. Some people seem born to be on stage and feel as comfortable being in the spotlight as fish do in water. It’s the case of the little girl in the video below, and her impromptu performance is going viral.
The baby girl stole the show at a ballroom showcase and it’s one of the best things I’ve seen all week. The toddler clearly enjoyed the atmosphere and the music, and didn’t feel at all intimidated by all the grown-ups dancing around her. If anything, she seemed like she was looking for a dance partner herself, but sadly, there was no kid her age there who shared her enthusiasm. But that didn’t stop her from showcasing her best moves and having fun without a dance partner.
If you’re having a bad day and you could use a little picker-upper, this is the video you should watch right now. As always, we encourage you to spread the joy and share this with others as well.

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