Wife Trapped Inside Burning Car. As Rescuers Fail to Get Her Out Suddenly See Man in Woods

Dann and Tracey Stadler’s 4th wedding anniversary was supposed to be a happy, joyful event but instead, it was the worst night of their entire lives. The two were in their car, enjoying each other’s company when an oncoming car driven by a drunk driver hid their car head on.
The collision was violent and just second later, Dann and Tracey found themselves having to fight for their lives. Trapped in the crumpled, burning car, they struggled to find a way to free themselves and make their way out of the car.
But with every second that passed, they were more and more at risk of burning to death right then and there. All he wreckage from the car pushed in on them and they were unable to move, so things were extremely serious.
They both started to think about what would happen if they would die, with rescuers desperately trying to get them out but failing to do so. In the darkest minute of their time spent in that burning car that resembled hell, they got a glimpse into Heaven.
They saw a glowing presence and felt blessed. A sensation of warmth and calmness took over them, and they were no longer frightened. This is them describing their spiritual encounter in detail.

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