His wife posed for a photo, but something caught his eye. They turned the boat around IMMEDIATELY

We all love watching movies, but sometimes reality is greater and more unbelievable than any Hollywood movie. Here’s an example: a little Jack Russell Terrier was miraculously rescued offshore after he fell into the Gulf of Mexico.
Now, you don’t have to be a geography buff and know exactly how big the Gulf of Mexico really is to know that the chances of a small dog being rescued after having fallen in the water are pretty slim. Which is why makes this story so extraordinary!
The Jack Terrier was fortunately wearing a tiny life jacket when he fell into the water, which is what helped him stay alive until a couple who was celebrating their wedding anniversary spotted him in the water by pure chance.
The couple went ahead and alerted the Coast Guard. They were shocked to discover the dog had been reported going overboard three hours earlier. How did that little dog managed to survive in the waters is nothing short of a miracle.
After being saved from the water, the dog was reunited with his owners. Couldn’t have wished a better happy ending, right? This dog is definitely a fighter.

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