Watch: We Knew The Storm Was Bad, But We Didn’t Expect To See Lightning Strike Right In Front Of Us

Amid an exceptional tempest, understudies at McNeese State University in Louisiana looked as an electrical discharge struck a powerline.

With the camera on the activity, you see the transformer blasting numerous times as an auto painstakingly attempt to drive under it –risking their lives all the while.

All through the astounding scene portraying Mother Nature’s crude power, the college understudies happily chuckle as they view the force of devastation.

At a certain point, the disconnected and destructive links practically hit an auto driving by. That could have been the end of that driver’s life.

As autos gradually drive by the destruction, a monstrous blast stops every single close-by vehicle in their tracks at the 32-second check. Look at that one!

For the following half moment, the electrical wires keep on exploding as they writhe in the water splashing the grass underneath the electrical cables.

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