He waited 8 years for this gift, and his reaction says it all

There’s only one word to properly describe this man’s reaction when receiving a gift that he wanted for almost a decade now – and that word is priceless!
Don’t think the man’s desired gift is anything expensive. He didn’t want an expensive car or a gadget that comes with an enormous price tag. Nope, the thing the man wanted so badly for his birthday was a pair of shoes.
In all fairness, it’s no ordinary pair of shoes. In fact, the shoes are so special that they actually light up. The Canadian father finally received the much coveted gift as a birthday present, and his reaction as he takes the shoes out of their box and sees them light up is mind blowing.
The man admired his grandchildren’s light-up shoes for eight years, and was disappointed to see that most shoes stores don’t carry the same type of shoes in bigger sizes. In fact, he believed shoe makers wouldn’t make such a pair for adults.
Well, he was wrong. His daughter was the one who finally found a pair in his size, and immediately bought them for him. You’re never too old to wear light-up shoes, right? Now I want a pair, don’t you?

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