Veterans protecting a fallen marine are accosted by protesters until a biker gang rolls in

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a hero, but unfortunately, fighting for the country is a duty that takes the lives of many soldiers each year. A crash in Iraq took the life of Corporal Richard Bennetof, a 25-year-old marine who has taken the pledge to protect his country no matter what.

But as his friends and  relatives were gathering around to say goodbye and pay their respects, so did a group of protesters. But they weren’t there to make sure the corporal leaves the world with dignity and being surrounded by love.

The small group gathered to protest his funeral. They think that the reason soldiers die is because God is punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.

What was supposed to be a quiet ceremony that would offer some relief to grieving family and friends risked of being turned into a disturbing event due to these protesters.

The situation was brought to normality by a group of bikers known as “The Patriot Guard”. They used their own bodies to form a human shield to keep the disrespectful protesters at a safe distance that wouldn’t interfere with the ceremony.

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