Veteran Meets Woman during War. 50 Years Later, Discovers She Kept A Huge Secret From Him

The man in the video below has devoted his entire life to the military. The 78-year-old veteran named Gary Barnes decided to put all of his time and effort into building a successful career in service of his country to the expense of building a family. The man vowed not to have children, and as far as he knew most of his life, he kept that promise.
But recently, the man got a surprise of a lifetime when he found out that he actually had a grown-up daughter and that she was eager to meet him. You see, the man served in Vietnam, during which time he feel in love with a woman from the Philippines. The two started a relationship, but when Garry came back home, he never heard of his girlfriend.
However, as he was to find out more than five decades later, the woman kept a big secret from him. And the secret may have never come out if Garry’s daughter wouldn’t have started a search online meant to bring her closer to a man she always dreamt about meeting: her dad.
You can watch the moment Garry and her daughter meet for the first time in the video below.

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