Two Dogs Get A New Puppy And Now They’re The Best Sleeping Buddies Ever

Everybody, meet, Harlow, Indiana, and Reese, the cutest sleeping buddies that are taking over the Internet one adorable nap at a time.
The three adorable doggies belong to the same family and are now the best of friends. But things weren’t always this way. At first, the family’s oldest dogs wanted nothing to do with a puppy the family adopted.
Let me give some background on how the three dogs came to live together, because it’s sort of a complicated story. Harlow (the Weimaraner) adopted Indiana (the brown Dachsund) a couple of years ago after Harlow’s best friend Sage unfortunately passed away. A year later, Reese joined the family. After a few weeks of trying to ignore the family’s latest addition, the two dogs started to warm up to Reese.
Soon enough, the three become inseparable. They like spending time in each other’s company and playing together, but their favorite thing to do together is cuddle and sleep.
The images that show the three dogs sleeping peacefully are extremely popular online, and it’s easy to see why. The three dogs have over one million followers on Instagram and more than 250,000 fans on Facebook. That’s impressive, right? But that’s not all. The dogs also have their own book that can be bought on Amazon.
Well, I think we can all agree their popularity is well-deserved. I’ve never seen dogs sleep so peacefully together. I bet they have nice dreams every single night.
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