Twin Daughter Goes To Eat Breakfast, Parents Have No Idea It’s The Twin That Moved To Another Country

From switching places at school to filling in for each other at work, twins can play all kinds of tricks on other people.
The two women in the video below don’t usually like to leverage the fact that they look alike to play pranks and mislead people, but for their parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, they decided to put their parents to the test and see if they catch on to their plan.
You see, one of the twins, Kelly, moved away from her family all the way to Singapore, but she knew she wanted to be there for her parents’ special day. But instead of simply letting her family know that she was coming home, she decided to do something out of the ordinary.
Without anybody knowing anything about it, Kelly filled in for her sister who still lives with their parents at breakfast, and nobody could tell the difference! However, the parents’ reactions when the other twin stepped out of her room and the surprise is revealed is quite probably one of the best things you’ll see all week.
This clip will definitely make you wish you had a twin. The possibilities of pranking people are basically endless.

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