Twin Babies Get New Toy. But It’s Their Reaction 2 Seconds In That Makes Mom Run For The Camera

Music is something that can be found across all countries, across all cultures and across all time. Music is a major part of all of our lives, and ever since we are little children, music has a strong influence on us – whether we fully realize it or not.
In fact, recent studies have shown that listening to music from a young age actually comes with significant benefits as it improves cognitive ability.
And the best part of it is that listening to music is fun. It’s something that comes naturally to all of us. Everybody has a favorite genre and likes to listen to some sort of music, whether they are 10 months old or 89 years old.
Just look at the adorable twins in the video below. Despite their young age, they have a natural reaction to the musical sounds their favorite toy makes and their bodies begin to move to the rhythm.
And although they can’t quite figure out what all the buttons on their toy are supposed to do, they are clearly having the time of their lives. Luckily, dad was right there and managed to capture everything on video.
If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you’re not human!

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