It Was Just a Run-Down Old Motel — Until They Transformed It into Apartments for Homeless Vets

Flawless counts are impossible to come by. However, recent statistics provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development have shown that about 40,000 war veterans are homeless on any given night across the country.

Clearly it’s a huge problem.

There are vary reasons why so many veterans are homeless these days. Despite what some people might think, not all homeless people ended up in this situation as a result of a drug or alcohol addiction. Extreme shortage of affordable housing, lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, health problems; these are just some of the factors that typically influence homelessness.

The question is why aren’t we doing anything to help these heroes get back on their feet? Well, although there are many nonprofits and organizations that contribute to improving their situation, there’s still a long way ahead, and every little help counts.

Los Angles is one of the cities that has the largest number of people living in the streets, many of whom are veterans.

One of the ways the city plans to significantly reduce the number of people living in the streets is by turning old motels into new apartments that provide homeless veterans with all the comfort and resources they need to live decently.

This way, they have a change of turning their lives around.

Here’s a look at these apartments, inside and out.

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