Tiny Toddler Meets Baby Sister For 1st Time, But Watch As She Realizes She’s No Longer The Baby

Many parents are concerned about introducing their newborn baby to their toddlers, and it’s not without reason. The sudden arrival of a new brother or sister can be unsettling for a toddler who has been used to being the center of attention. It’s not uncommon for the toddler to start acting out as a way to compete for their parents’ undivided attention and even be jealous on the baby.
So the first moment of interaction between the baby and the toddler is extremely important, as it can help set the tone for how their relationship is going to develop from that point on.
There are ways to make introducing your toddler to their new brother or sister a little easier, but sometimes, nothing seems to work. Other times, there’s no need for tips and tricks, as the bond between siblings forms right away.
The adorable 18-months-old in the video below, for instance, was extremely excited to find out she will be a big sister, and the minute she saw the baby and understood she is no longer the youngest member of the family, she immediately assumed the role of the protective, older sister.
Her reaction to seeing her baby sister for the first time is going to melt your heart. Take a look:

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