Thousands Of Buffalo Appear At Site Of Standing Rock Protest [Watch]

People of all ages gathered around to protest in peace near the Standing Rock protest camp when the most incredible thing happened. The good news is that it was all caught on video!
Although protesters had no intention of sparking any problems, things started heating off between them and riot police, and what was meant to be a peaceful protest turned into somewhat of a standoff between protesters and police officers in charge of maintaining order.
The protest is meant to stop the four-state Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from being constructed. This is not the first time a protest has escalated into violent events. Another recent incident ended with more than 100 people being arrested for trying to protect sacred burial grounds and the Missouri river.
While not everybody supports their cause, they sure seem to have nature’s support. During one of their protests, a massive herd of buffalos appeared from nowhere, as if saying “We are here to support your efforts to protect our land.”
What do you think? Was this a mere coincidence, or is it more to this than just a bunch of buffalos being in the right place at the right time?

(1) bisons from videobuzz on Vimeo.

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