This Is What Happens When People Leave and Nature Takes Over

Ever wondered what would happen if all people would just disappear all of the sudden? The reason why is not important. Just try to imagine what the world would look like. It may not be pleasant to envision a scenario in which you are no longer a part of this world. But the truth is that nature was here long before us, and it will continue to be here long after we are all gone.
Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature. In fact, nature would be better off if we weren’t here to destroy its forests, poison its water and kill its living creatures. If people were no longer on this planet, nature would thrive. It will take some time until nature will recover completely, since the damage we’ve done so far is tremendous. But, ultimately, it will recover.
This small area in China is proof that nature will ultimately recover from what we’ve done, if given the chance.
Located on the east coast of China, the small island belongs to the Zhou Shan archipelago. The island was abandoned by humans 90 years ago. People left the place because they couldn’t find work, as the resources available started to shrink. For a while it looked like a ghost city with empty houses and empty streets. But as the years passed, nature started to gain more and more terrain and transformed the island into a beautiful oasis. Now, every house and every road is covered in vegetation, thus creating surreal landscapes and images.
The way nature has claimed back its rights is downright impressive, and shows once more just how powerful nature is.










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