This intense encounter between an elk and a photographer will make your palms sweat

Most photographers would go to extreme lengths to get that perfect shot. In the case of photographing living subjects, that often involves getting as close to the subject as possible.
Now, the photographer in the video below was photographing elk in a national park from a seemingly safe and reasonable distance. However, in these types of situations, there are a lot of unpredictable things that can happen and that can turn a seemingly safe situation into a life-threatening one.
It’s what happened when one of the younger elk the man was photographing decided he doesn’t like people taking photos of him without asking for permission and that he wants to start some trouble.
The elk came face to face with the man and even started to hit him with his head. All the man could do in this situation was to hunker down and do his best to protect himself until, hopefully, the curious elk will lose interest and leave him alone. Being a photographer, the man also tried to get a few good shots as well.
The encounter was caught on video. Find out how it all ended and if the final photos were ultimately worth it or not.

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