This “Harry Potter” Inspired Wedding Is Simply Spellbinding. Wait Until You See The Bride’s Bouquet

The story of Harry Potter and his friends is undoubtedly one of the most famous stories of all time. Adults and children alike have fallen in love with the plot, the characters and the wizarding world imagined by J.K Rowling. As a result, there have been many Harry Potter themed weddings. But none like this wedding. Cassie and Lewis Byrom have a shared passion for each other, but also for the magical world of Harry Potter, so they decided to incorporate that into their wedding.
As you can imagine, the location was very important. After months of searching for the perfect venue, the couple finally found the perfect location. The wedding took place at the Town Hall in Manchester, England, which is also popular location for Hollywood movie sets (one of the Sherlock Holmes movies was shot here). The gothic architecture that resembles a castle matched the theme perfectly.
Every other detail was planned to perfection to resemble the world of Harry Potter and nothing was randomly chosen. Guests knew as soon as they received their wedding invitations that the event is going to be extra special. No detail was too small to ignore. From the bride’s shoes, nails and jewelry to the groom’s cufflinks, everything was Harry Potter-filled. And that’s not all. The bride’s bouquet was made entirely out of paper. It was handmade from the pages of twenty Harry Potter books, and it looked stunning.
Their wedding was nothing short of amazing and guests are sure to remember it for a long time ahead. Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, I am sure you are going to appreciate how beautiful this wedding was. I mean, just look at these incredible pictures:









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