This Abandoned Pit Bull Shows Appreciation for Being Rescued By Smiling All the Time

One of the best ways to thank someone for something is with a smile. You can say more with a smile than you could with a 1,000 words, and the adorable Pit Bull in the images below proves it.
Everybody, meet Brinks! Brinks is the stray Pit Bull that has won the hearts of thousands of people online with his gentle smile. You surely know that Pit Bulls are considered to be among the most dangerous breeds of dogs by some. Whether you agree with those who say this breed of dogs is violent or with those who argue against this point of view, there’s no doubt that Brinks is one adorable dog. Just look at those kind eyes and that cute smile!
However, Brinks smile hides a disturbing story. The life of this dog has been far from perfect. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Brinks was found by his rescuer while he was aimlessly wandering the streets of Brooklyn, New York.
That’s when fate worked in the dog’s favor and he was lucky enough to bump into a kind human and his dog. The human was Jon, and his dog was Demo. The three felt an instant connection. Still, Jon did his best to try and find the dog’s lost owner, not knowing that in fact Brinks didn’t have a place to call home.
Jon posted flyers and photos, and checked missing dog reports constantly, but there was no sign that there was someone out there looking for Brinks. So John decided to adopt Brinks and make it a part of their family.
Brinks was only a puppy at that time. Twelve years later, the Pit Bull is still with Jon and still smiling!








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