Then and Now : Adorable Pictures of Animals Growing up

If that’s something we know for sure, it’s that time goes by whether we like it or not. A lot changes over the years, but it’s nice to know there are certain things that always stay the same. For instance, pets stay family for life.
If you grow up with a pet over the years, that pet will undoubtedly feel like a member of the family. All owners share a special bound with the pet with which they’ve shared their days and nights in this journey we call life. We make memories together, share the good and the bad, and often rely on one another during difficult moments. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel better after a long day than my dog cuddling next to me.




Pets age with us. However, humans and animals are a lot different when it comes to how they perceive the passing of time. Pets grow up at a much faster pace. Even so, they don’t care about wrinkles and what gravity does to their bodies. All they need to be happy is to be loved and have a place they can call home. They know how to age gracefully and still keep their youthful spirit. No matter how old a dog is, if it still has the strength to do so, it will continue to play and enjoy walks just as it did when it was just a puppy. That doesn’t sound like such a bad way of living, right? That’s just one more thing pets can teach us, I guess.
These before and after pictures of animals growing up remind us that no matter how long it’s been, our pets will always remain an important part of our families.





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