That is what Christmas is all about: love and caring for eachother. Brought a tear to my eyes

This is one of the most beautiful ad ive ever seen. That is what Christmas is all about: love and ccaring for eachother. This video brought tears to my eyes. More than 3 mil people watched and shared this beautiful Christmas ad.

” It’s just a very smart little girl 😊. But fun on the side: We leave space consciously for different interpretations. Whether the girl comes from a refugee family, whether she has been in Germany for a long time, whether she is a Muslim or whether she is simply a German girl from the neighborhood – all of this leaves the film open and is not important with regard to what he does Effect. We want to stimulate the film a bit to think about the meaning of Christmas. This very personal story between the two children shows that sometimes even small gestures are sufficient to convey a sense of security to fellow human beings.” said the creators of this ad

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