Texas Cowboys Hear Horse’s Cries, Ride Closer & See It Trapped In Deadly Flood

Whenever there is a natural disaster like the one happening in Texas right now, it’s not only the humans who suffer and whose lives are in danger; it’s animals too. Scared and confused, many pets and wildlife don’t know where to go and are often the first victims.
And despite rescuers’ best efforts to pluck pets and other animals from the floodwater, dramatic images of animals struggling in floodwaters are continuing to surface.
Luckily, though, some animals are lucky enough to make it out alive, and it’s usually thanks to humans’ efforts to save them. The clip below shows two cowboys riding two horses out of danger, and the images are going viral.
Chance Ward and his son, 17-year-old Rowdy live about an hour away from Houston in an area that was also pretty affected by hurricane Harvey.
They heard that there are some horses stranded inside a pen, so they decided to put their cowboy skills to good use and go on a rescue mission to save as many horses as possible.
The two were able to rescue four horses that day and say it was one of the best feelings they’ve ever experienced. You need to see this!

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